Your Suitable Wedding Venues

Wedding venues are necessary for your wedding. You have to consider a lot of things to choose the right venue. You will probably hold wedding party once in your whole life. Thus, it is very important to make a perfect wedding for yourself. There are a lot of designs that you could choose by your own taste. As you know that each wedding venue has different prices. Every price also has different quality and facilities. Actually you could also hold your wedding overseas. Yes, it takes a higher fee. But, many people still want to hold their wedding in other country. Asia actually has a lot of good location to hold a wedding. Thailand, India and Bali are the examples.


Choose The Right Wedding Venue


Choosing the right venue is not too difficult actually. The first thing you have to consider is the budget. If you have unlimited budget, you could choose the venue wherever you want. But, if you do not have too much money, you have to be careful to choose your venue. Then, choose the kind of place do you want. You could hold your wedding in beach, garden, hotel, or your own house. It completely depends on your taste. After that, if you want to hold wedding in the summer or spring, it is better for you to hold an outdoor wedding. You also have to make sure that your guests do not feel too hot because of the weather. In the other hand, if you want to hold your wedding in the winter, it is good for you to hold your wedding inside the building. Hotel or making a tent is a great idea.


Ways to Get Cheaper Wedding Venue


There are also some ways to get cheaper wedding. The first thing you could do is holding your wedding in your own house or garden. Yep, it will not be as expensive as renting a building or hotel. Then, if you want to rent a building, it is better for you to pay the bill in full. Full payment usually gets discount. The third way is holding the wedding in the morning. Holding the wedding party and reception in the night will cost higher than in the afternoon.  It caused by serving dinner food is more expensive than serving lunch. Then, you should not hold the wedding in the summer. In winter or autumn season, you will get much cheaper price of a venue.