What Are The Promise Rings?

Promise rings, Are you ever had this ring? If your answer is no then we would tell you what the differences of promise ring and engagement ring is. First of all, we want to explain about engagement ring. Engagement ring is a ring that you can get from your engagement with your boyfriend who soon as will be your beloved husband. And then promise ring is a ring which you get from somebody who promises you something. Well, both of them would be has same thing about purpose but the difference is how strong the promise is. Actually, there are promise levels in our life. The strongest promise level is a wedding. Wedding is the most strong and powerful promise because they promise with God and all people in the world. The second promise is engagement. This is not too powerful, indeed. However, engagement would be so powerful. And the lowest one is promise ring. This promise ring is exist because of two people are making a promise about something. It can be cancel easily, of course.

How to make promise rings

You can make your own promise ring by yourself. If you see some movies, they show us to make a promise ring from many materials. For example, there is a movie that makes a promise ring from grass or a rod with flower. It means that we can make our promise ring by using anything. If you want some romantic promise ring for a girl, we highly recommend you to make promise ring from a rod with flower in the center of the ring. You can add some little leave as your promise ring decoration too, fellas.

Always keep your promise

We think that to keep your promise is not an easy job. Whereas, you should try to keep your promise on, you suppose. If keep your promise on, we believe that you would be trusted by everyone in everywhere.