Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitation ideas is one of the most important things to be prepared on a wedding party. An invitation becomes the groom and the bride representative to ask the guest to come to the wedding. Therefore an invitation is crucial thing which usually represent the pride and the style of the couple. That is why choosing the best invitation is a must. However, there are a hundred designs that can be applied on your wedding invitation but there are some different designs than others and it is a good idea to use it.


Unique wedding invitation ideas

The first idea of unique wedding invitation is using thumb print on your wedding card. The groom and the bride thumb are printed and placed creating a heart shape. You know that every person has different finger print right? So it will be an extraordinary and special wedding invitation. If you are applying beach wedding party theme you can use the conventional idea using a rolled paper on the bottle. Don’t forget to put sand and sea shell to make it attractive. The next is about the balloon. The wedding information is printed on the balloon then it is tied on a cute paper with some ribbon. Put some simple and attractive instruction to blow the balloon therefore the guest will see the information of the party on the balloon.


Tips on choosing unique wedding invitation

There are some matters that should be considered when you applying this unique wedding invitation. First, consider the budget because some unique idea is little bit expensive. Match the budget with the design or look for other alternative material to push down the price. You also need to think about the design. Fit it with the theme of the wedding party. Beside you have to choose the right vendor because a nice idea only becomes a truly wonderful invitation when it is handled by the right person.