Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers Design Ideas

Wedding cake toppers are really able to make the cake look more attractive. You must decorate your wedding cake as good as possible, because it will be a center piece in the cake cutting ceremony. Besides, a wedding cake can make your wedding unforgettable if you choose a unique design for it. Nowadays, unique decoration for the wedding cake is popular. To make the cake look different, the topper design can be a great decoration. You can choose toppers based on the cake concept for your wedding day. There are a lot of ideas for the toppers that can make your wedding cake look more gorgeous.


Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Decoration

The topper for wedding cake commonly comes with bride and groom decoration. To make your cake different from the other, you can choose the design based on the styles and pose of the bride and groom topper. If the common design uses human toppers for the cake decoration, you can choose the other character in bride and groom shape to decorate your wedding cake. Then, the funny pose of the toppers can make the cake look more attractive. The unusual theme like horror or comedy for the topper will give a special impression for the guests who come to your wedding.


Cute Toppers for Wedding Cake

Beside the unique decoration on the wedding cake, the cute ones also can attract the people’s attention. The romantic decoration for wedding cake becomes really common, so you can choose the topper with cute design. A couple of animal topper as the bride and groom will make your cake look really cute. Moreover, you can make it in funny pose to make the decoration more attractive. If you like an animal character like rabbit, monkey, penguins, and many more, you can choose the toppers with those design to decorate your wedding cake.