Timeless Beauty of Gold Earring

Gold earring is a must have item for many women. Gold is known as jewelry item since century ago. In some cultures, gold can be the best statement about social position. Historically speaking, not only women who wear gold and but men also. But, typical men that wear gold lessen drastically. To grasp the timeless beauty of the gold for your earring, you can’t just simply pick your earring randomly. You need some leads so that the one that you pick for your earring will just flatter you. And yeah, knowing kind of knowledge toward picking the best earring made of gold will never hurt you, right?


Types of Gold for Gold Earring

Don’t you know that, different type of gold brings you different quality? Addition, different type also caters you with different price to pay. Nevertheless, gold is divided into three types like solid gold, gold filled, and gold plated. Solid gold is typical gold that has 99% gold on it– this one gives the best value of carat like 24%. The next one is gold filled, compared to the first one this one is known for its durability since it has the mixture of other metal like nickel. Meanwhile, gold plated is the most inexpensive gold you may get on market. Since, it has one a very tiny gold on it.


What Type to Choose

Actually, you can choose any type you want. It is all depending on the budget that you have and how often you wear your earring. Let say, if you only use it just for certain occasion, then you can pick gold plated. Furthermore, when you are on that time is dealt with budget issue. However, when you pick kind of earring, beside consider the type of the gold to pick, it is important to match it with certain style that really is suitable for your personality, face shape, your hairstyle and your skin tone.