The Meaning of Wedding Veil

Wedding veil is kinds of bridal hair accessories which have some meaning for bride. This veil means that as the Christian symbol of wedding. Several stories said that the veil for bride started from the tradition of ancient Rome. Many people thought that veil was also as symbol of purity and modesty. Many traditional brides commonly wore this veil for their wedding party for covering their face in the ancient Rome era. However, new wedding couples think that this veil seems very outdated. They need something to beautify their wedding hairstyle. Thus, the tradition of using veil for bride has faded away now, but there are plenty of brides who still stand this tradition for their wedding.


How does the wedding veil grow in the modern era

Recently, you can see in the wedding fashion style of Queen Kate Middleton who got married with a charming prince Charles as a prince from British Kingdom. In her wedding day, Kate wore her veil beautifully in her head. Today, you will get kinds of veil with beautiful motifs. Many designers give lacy at the end of veil, and also put some flowers ornaments to complete bride’s appearance. There are also varieties of wedding veils now, such as long, medium, or headpieces. Commonly, wedding veils will be worn by brides in classic or vintage wedding style.


What kinds of bridal dress which are suitable for wedding veils

In general, these wedding veils are used for many brides who wear long wedding dress. It looks very perfect with the veil. However, new brides sometimes combine the veil with their short wedding dress. It looks very playful, modern, and beautiful. After the dress and veil, bride has to give flower hand bouquet which also gives a romantic nuance in your wedding day. Do not be afraid to look outdated with wedding veils. Keep your own fashion in your wedding fashion style.