The Humble Pocket Wedding Invitations for your Modest Wedding Party

Pocket wedding invitations can be the modest, simplest yet most versatile wedding invitation ever. Indeed, they are also provided in various designs yet most of them always imply the minimalist or modest impression of a wedding invitation. You might also be included as a person who prefers such simplicity, not only for your invitation but whole detail of your wedding ceremony, reception or party. On the other side, you can start giving the humble yet obviously still classy impression through the pocket wedding invitation. Hence, the following are the types of the pocket wedding invitation and also the various models of it which might inspire you.

The Notable Types of the Pocket Wedding Invitations

You might want to know that the simple pocket wedding invitation is still classified into several types. There are two types of it that become popular as a wedding invitation, the first one is the foldover pocket. This kind of type serves you with the fashionable front flap which makes it similar to the small clutch purse. The second type is the vertical foldover pocket where it is unfolded vertically. The fancy or rich yet minimalist design is often to be with this type of invitation.

The Considerable Glamorous of the Wedding Invitations

Eventually, there are so many designs of the pocket wedding invitation which might change the modest look of it. The glamorous design is now expanding its way on this kind of invitation. However, they are still on the route of the minimalist or simple design though; let’s say the chic gardenia design. The black domination of it instead of omitting the humble look, it is discovered to add the elegant style through its detail. The fireflies and the Mason jar design is also suit for any casual pocket wedding invitation though. Once again, having them resembles with your wedding theme and concept is far more preferable.