Wedding Cocktail Napkins Especially for You

Wedding cocktail napkins can be the best thing that makes the wedding becomes unforgettable. As you know, napkins are usually used for luncheon. Actually, there are many kinds of napkin you might like, but cocktail napkin is totally different. The thing which makes it different is because it has many kinds of color such as […]

Funny Wedding Invitations for Casual Wedding

Funny wedding invitations can be the best thing to make your wedding becomes more unforgettable. As you know that wedding invitation is used to invite some people whether they are your friends or family. That is why the wedding invitation should be funny and it should make the people interested in coming to your wedding. […]

Optimizing the Art of Photography for your Best Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding picture ideas can be said as the wedding couple’s way in expressing their happiness over their upcoming marriage. However, that is deeper meaning of a wedding photography though. The main focus of this activity is actually photographing the wedding couple which later will be used as the announcements, display of the portrait or the […]

Things to Do in Choosing Wedding Headpieces

Wedding headpieces are things which you cannot miss when you are preparing your wedding. Wedding dress may be the most important because it is what you wear in your special moment. However, the headpieces are also important and it is cannot be simply separated from the wedding gowns which you are going to wear. Somehow, […]

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitation ideas is one of the most important things to be prepared on a wedding party. An invitation becomes the groom and the bride representative to ask the guest to come to the wedding. Therefore an invitation is crucial thing which usually represent the pride and the style of the couple. That is why […]

Wedding Rings in Various Design Ideas

Wedding rings are important to be prepared when you are going to get married. A wedding day is a special day for every person in the world. Therefore, they will prepare everything very well to make their wedding become perfect. There are many preparations for the wedding day like the wedding decoration, cake, bride’s dress […]

Wedding Jewelry to Enhance the Bride Look

Wedding jewelry is important thing that you must prepare for the wedding day. The jewelry that will be worn by the brides will enhance their look and of course can make them much more beautiful. There is some jewelry like earrings, necklace, bracelet, and of course the ring. You should not to wear all of […]

Various Design Ideas for Wedding Dress

Wedding dress should be prepared very well if you want to look perfect in your wedding day. It is one of some important thing that should be chosen carefully to get the best design which can be fit to your personal taste, and of course your body type. There are a lot of designs for […]

Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers Design Ideas

Wedding cake toppers are really able to make the cake look more attractive. You must decorate your wedding cake as good as possible, because it will be a center piece in the cake cutting ceremony. Besides, a wedding cake can make your wedding unforgettable if you choose a unique design for it. Nowadays, unique decoration […]