Frame your Precious Moment with the Glorious Wedding Arch Designs

Wedding arch is the monumental structure that will become the frame at the most important moment at your wedding ceremony. Yes, the arch will be the main setting when we have our wedding oath. This essential part actually also can be included as the decorative part, since most of the arches describe or also influenced with the main concept and theme of a wedding party. However, the arch design at the wedding ceremony tends to be more picturesque or graceful actually. It seems like it shows how grateful the couple over their wedding day. Therefore, we have listed several notable arch designs that might inspire you on your later wedding day, so check this out.

The Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Where the Wedding Arch Lies Best

Most of the arches are employed when we have an outdoor wedding, so some people prefer the fresh flowery decoration on their arch to give more exuberant impression. One of the examples is when people pick the seashores as their main location and to match the breeze of the sea, the budding concept of the rose-trellis arch will be the good selection. Another fresh decoration is when you prefer to have your wedding ceremony at the garden where all the eye can see is green, utilize the existing arbor as your sacred arch. Have it covered by the echeveria succulent and mood moss for greener situation.

Another Design for the More Thematic Arch

For another outdoor wedding ceremony, you can have more thematic design though. For the farm wedding ceremony, you can exploit the silo to be the altar for the couple by cover it with some fresh vegetable such as the dripping amaranth. Give some flowers to break the green domination. For any nautical wedding, have the white-painted wood draped with any thick rope taken from the dock or shipyard. Bring the flowery decoration atop of it and prefer any dainty blooming flower for it.