Wedding Picture Frames to Keep Moments

Wedding picture frames can be the best choice to keep your moment in the wedding neatly and beautifully. As you know that a frame is used to keep pictures or photos and it can be the best memories in your life. Since it is really important, you have to choose the best wedding picture frame […]

Frame your Precious Moment with the Glorious Wedding Arch Designs

Wedding arch is the monumental structure that will become the frame at the most important moment at your wedding ceremony. Yes, the arch will be the main setting when we have our wedding oath. This essential part actually also can be included as the decorative part, since most of the arches describe or also influenced […]

Wedding Cocktail Napkins Especially for You

Wedding cocktail napkins can be the best thing that makes the wedding becomes unforgettable. As you know, napkins are usually used for luncheon. Actually, there are many kinds of napkin you might like, but cocktail napkin is totally different. The thing which makes it different is because it has many kinds of color such as […]

Optimizing the Art of Photography for your Best Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding picture ideas can be said as the wedding couple’s way in expressing their happiness over their upcoming marriage. However, that is deeper meaning of a wedding photography though. The main focus of this activity is actually photographing the wedding couple which later will be used as the announcements, display of the portrait or the […]

Wedding Decoration Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Receptions

Wedding decoration ideas are really important thing of your wedding preparation. To hold a wedding day, there are a lot of things that you must prepare, and wedding decoration is one of them that can be a little bit confusing to choose. If you want to pick the best decoration idea for your wedding, you […]

Lovely Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquethas meaning inside. We should to choose the right flower with well arrangement. This is one of important wedding’s stuff so be careful to pick some flowers as your wedding bouquet. As we mention it before, wedding bouquet had a great meaning for the wedding day to show them your happiness. That’s why the […]

The Meaning of Wedding Veil

Wedding veil is kinds of bridal hair accessories which have some meaning for bride. This veil means that as the Christian symbol of wedding. Several stories said that the veil for bride started from the tradition of ancient Rome. Many people thought that veil was also as symbol of purity and modesty. Many traditional brides […]

Tips Wedding Floral Arrangements

Wedding floral arrangements likes an important complement and gives beautiful touch in your wedding day. Flowers are also called as a romantic thing. You can choose your own favorite flowers which will decorate your floral arrangement. Having favorite flowers with the best arrangements should show preference and character. The theme and color of flower arrangements […]

Best Floral for Wedding Table Ideas

Wedding table ideas have two kinds of common such as circle wedding and rectangular wedding table. Wedding table arrangement becomes one of the most important aspects which purposes for interacting one person with others. Before you put the flowers arrangement in your wedding table, you have to measure about the size and shape of your […]

Tips for Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers will be listed in list in wedding preparation. Flower is one of the most important parts in wedding accessories and decorations. However, there are various options that it often makes the bride confused to choose suitable flowers to beautify themselves and their wedding decorations. It is certainly not without any reason. In addition […]