Best Floral for Wedding Table Ideas

Wedding table ideas have two kinds of common such as circle wedding and rectangular wedding table. Wedding table arrangement becomes one of the most important aspects which purposes for interacting one person with others. Before you put the flowers arrangement in your wedding table, you have to measure about the size and shape of your wedding table. One flower arrangement in your wedding table will effect to wedding table arrangement looks. Even though flowers give elegant nuance, but you should avoid too fragrant smell of flowers because it can eliminate your appetite.


How do you décor your wedding table ideas with table arrangement ideas

You must decide which one of table arrangement which you will use in your wedding whether circle or rectangular. Circle table arrangement makes people easier to communicate and know each other. It recommends for you to give hanging flower arrangement which surround the rectangular table, so it will give natural impression. After you choose the shape or wedding table, you can add the table arrangement with tablecloth, plate and glass arrangement, cute napkins and other.  Adjust your own table arrangement with the theme of your wedding style.


How do you make the wedding floral arrangement in your wedding table

For flower arrangements, you can use a low vase, flower baskets, or others media which you design with your own creativity. You also need prikker, if you do not want to use prikker, you can use the pads of flower. Do not forget to prepare a knife, scissors flowers, small wire or hemp yarn and night or wax to arrange the flowers. You can give the popular flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemum, orchid, jasmine or tulip. It becomes a nice idea, if you want to use a glass which is filled with water and orchid inside it, and you can put aromatherapy candles. When you choose circle table arrangement, you can give higher model vase.