Beautiful Wedding Reception

Wedding reception is kind of party which is held after the groom and the bride finished the wedding ceremony. This part is the most guest are waiting for. There will be a lot of beverages and food. Usually, if host invited a band, the band will sing cheerfully at this moment. However, if there is no band, it is usually just a music which is playing. This is actually the most fun part of a wedding, but many spouses forgot to make this moment much fantastic. Common spouses did not too care about this, all the care is the ceremony. But, they are totally wrong. When we are getting older, we are going to take a look wedding pictures, and the most pictures we will look are the reception pictures. Thus, you should make this moment to be the moment you always miss and never forget.


Set Your Wedding Reception


The first thing you have to do is you have to arrange and plan all of the budgets. This is the most important thing before holding a wedding party. Your wedding should be compatible with the money you have. Then, you have to choose which reception style you want to have. There are a lot of reception style, such as cocktail party, or just ordinary party which just let the guests sit on a chair and enjoy the food. Then, you have to consider whether you will hold an outdoor party or indoor party. It depends on your taste. The weather is also influential. If you want to hold your wedding in the summer, it is better for you to hold an outdoor party. For the last, you should consider whether you want to hold a dancing session or not.


Make Your Memorable Wedding Party


There are a lot of things to make your wedding unforgettable. First, you could make a guest photo book. Make a cute and rare background in the gate, ask every guest to take a funny picture there. Then, you can play songs which your guests want. Give them a kind of request for what song they like to listen. After that, you could make unique or even crazy wedding souvenirs. Be creative. Make the souvenir as crazy as you can. Weird and unique souvenir will be unforgettable.