All About Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer wedding dresses are beautiful wedding dresses which are usually wore in the summer wedding. This kind of dress is commonly white-colored. It is generally simple, but it is beautiful. People tend to hold the wedding in the summer, because summer has a good weather. Flowers and beautiful clear sky are going to make the wedding party more cheerful. In the other hand, summer is holiday for everyone. That is the reason why that is a good time to hold a wedding party. Summer wedding is also a beautiful wedding to be held outside, because outdoor party is very lovely.


Kinds of Summer Wedding Dresses


Summer wedding dress is probably inspired by Greek noble dress which has a simple style, but has luxurious look. There are a lot of kinds of summer wedding dress. Sheath gown is a popular one. Its shape is very usual with long dress and fit to your body. A-line gown is also marvelous one. Its skirt is wide in the base, and getting tighter into your waist. So, it looks like “A” letter. The next dress is the empire gown. Its shape is like a top of a palace. It is similar with the A-line, but if the A-line getting smaller into your waist, the empire gown is getting smaller into your breast. The short gown is also one of the most favorite gowns. Its length is usually around the knee. It is more compatible if you wear the heels.


The Best Wedding Dress Which Is Suitable With Your Body Type


A bride has to be gorgeous in a wedding. Unfortunately, sometimes the bride chooses the wrong type of dress, so it makes the bride looks awful instead. To avoid the wrong dress, you should consider what kind of dress you are going to wear. Short gown is suitable for you who are tall and have beautiful legs. If you have big and fatty legs, it is better to wear a long dress. If your waist is wider than your shoulder, A-line and empire gown is the best idea. But, if your shoulder is wider than your waist, it is better for you to wear short gown or mermaid gown which shape is like a trumpet.